• The Seamax launching wheels / Deluxe boat dolly is with well 3D design, made by hardest T6061 aluminum alloy with CNC cutter, coating for Saltwater using, Max support 18ft boat & 300x2 Lbs;
  • 4 Stages of Length & 4 Wheel Arm Position. Dolly can be adjusted while afloat in the boat leaving or coming into. Easy to adjust & find the best position for your boat launching;
  • 8 inch high transom bracket, install brackets 6 -10 inches (short shaft / long shaft) from transom bottom, All mounting bolts will be above the water line;
  • Two bottom collinear bolts gives extra strength and stabilizes the bracket. Wheel-leg arm and wheel bearing are a Quick Release Design. No tools required;
  • 4 wheel-leg angle positions plus 4 leg length settings. Will work with all boat sizes. Adjustable wheel-leg angle works well when launching your boat on a steep or gently sloping beach;
  • wheel-leg assembly can be locked at upper and lower 60 or 90 degree angles;
  • Benefits of the upper 60 / 90 degree locking position: Frees up more space on the top and side of the transom. Can even be installed under with any other objects on transom, like a towing ring;
  • Benefits of the lower 60 / 90 degree locking position: Flexible positioning gives a different center of gravity for launching or beaching your boat. Reduces the resistance from the water;
  • Benefits of Quick & Adjustable wheel-leg assembly: Provides 4 different length adjustments in 2.5" increments. Shortest setting when carrying the boat and the longer settings when wheeling the boat. Quick and easy adjustment for changing wheel-leg length with a quick adjustment button design.

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2 Lower + 2 Upper Wheel Arm Positions

1. Attach the wheels to the transom legs with the valve stems facing outwards. Tighten the two lock nuts on the wheel shafts. The wheels should face towards the boat tubes. This will give the boat more stability when moving it around on dry land.

2. Hold each completed assembly (one at a time as shown in the picture) vertically against the transom and pivot the wheel up and down making sure that the wheel clears the side of the boat tube by about an inch. You want the wheels to be as far apart as possible for stability when moving the boat on dry land.

3. Drill the 3x2 5/16” holes. Attach the brackets with the supplied bolts and nuts. Reattach the leg/wheel assemblies. Don’t forget to put the addition Cap-Nuts to protect your boat when folded.

4.To raise or lower the wheels, simply remove the quick release pin, raise or lower the leg assembly and reinsert the quick release pin. To change the stage of wheel arm, you can put the quick release button and slide.

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Aluminum & all hardware will have three (3) year parts limited warranty in Canada. Wheel & tire will have 1 year warranty. Product has 30 day free replacement on any defective transom wheel sets. Please return the transom wheels to the retailer you purchased them from if there is a warranty issue. You must contact the us for authorization before returning them.